ZenCash Secure Nodes

Tracking & Payment System: Beta(mainnet)

Nodes may be moved from one home server to another (same region) to balance out the load on the servers. Use the My Nodes page to locate them.

Beta status - We are still in beta and that includes the payment process. Please be patient as we test and refine the servers and the process.

Help Desk - Support tickets and claims for missed payments may be submitted at support.zencash.com

New Servers Apr. 28th - NA 4 and EU 4 servers have been deployed. If you see missing information, try clearing your browser cache.


My Exceptions

Times are GMT


chal: challenge did not complete properly.
chalmax: challenge exceed the max run time.
stk42: the stake address fell below 42 ZEN.
stk: unable to determine stake balance.
stkdup: duplicate stake used by another node.
cert: could not validate the SSL certificate.
peers: the peer count is below minimum.
blk: block height out of sync.
zenver: zen version is outdated.
trkver: tracker version is outdated.
bal: the challenge address balance is low.