ZenCash Secure Nodes

Tracking & Payment System: Beta(mainnet)

Zen version 2.0.11 - UPDATE BY APRIL 10th.   2.0.10 will be deprecated at block 290076. Nodes need to be updated before then to continue to receive payments.

Tracker should be version 0.2.1 - Please update your nodes to 0.2.1 using these instructions.  Prior versions stopped being eligible for payments on Feb.15th. Nodes may be moved from one home server to another (same region) to balance out the load on the servers. Use the My Nodes page to locate them.

Beta status - We are still in beta and that includes the payment process. Please be patient as we test and refine the servers and the process.

Help Desk - Support tickets and claims for missed payments may be submitted at support.zencash.com
New Servers - ts3 server have been deployed. If you see missing information, clear the browser cache


My Secure Nodes

Grey row indicates a node has an open Downtime or open Exception.

'Remember' stores the email locally. 'Clear' removes it.