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Reward Adjustment: Starting Dec. 2nd the node rewards will be lower due to the block rewards halving. The estimated reward will closer to 0.010. The period prior to the halving will be extended by almost 3 to 4 hours in order to not have a small earning period.  The period after the halving will be shortened by about 9 hours so it ends at approximately 1AM UTC. Subsequent periods will revert to the regular 24 hour period.  Horizen Halving

See Details regarding changing a Stake Address

Nodes may be moved from one home server to another to balance out the load on the servers. Use the My Nodes page to locate them.
Earning period is 570 blocks (about a day). Payouts are on Mondays.

Beta status - We are still in beta and that includes the payment process. Please be patient as we test and refine the servers and the process.

Help Desk - Help may be found in Discord #node-support-center channel or

If you see missing or incorrect information, try clearing your browser cache.

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Current Block Height: 841630

Current Earning Period ends at block 842050 on Sun, 06 Dec 2020 02:35:45 GMT

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